A new breed of scissors

eBlade scissors

Featuring a unique and patented stabilising bar, designed to enable multiple grips and add stability and precision to your craft.

Unleash your creativity

Why eBlade?

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I am absolutely loving the eBlade. I was using an other famous brand of shears before and I never thought I'd find anything that I liked as much as them, eBlade are seriously kickass!

Caitlin Ford

My new eBlade  fit my hand like a glove. It’s like I’ve always use them; And clients noticed and comments on how beautiful they look.

Anne Veck

These scissors are going to change my hairdressing life.

Dace Saulite

I have been using the amazing eBlade today.... the precision and the sharpness of the metal is second to none!

David Rae

They feel like the best scissors I've owned. They will help my carpel tunnel issue. Loving the variety of different uses too... Thank you again for the very quick service

Richard Mcilvenny

They are majestic, they are suiting me so well, designed beautifully

Thomas Hills

Amazing scissors!!

Amazing scissors!!


Handcrafted from VG-10 steel by our master, using traditional scissorsmith and Hamaguri sharpening techniques from Japan, the eBlade is ergonomically designed to help unleash your creativity.

The original
eBlade Master
This is the original eBlade. Ergonomically designed for precision, stability and versatility.
Master the inverted grip with this eBlade.
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Precision cut
eBlade T1000
When precision is everything, passionate hairstylists love spending time perfecting their cuts. This is the perfect tool for your craft.
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eBlade TX
Adding detail to your haircut is such a satisfying touch especially when using the right tool for the job.
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freestyle cutting
eBlade Texturiser
When it's time to add character and identity to your haircut, the Texturiser will help translate your creative ideas with the freedom to express yourself.
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Unique ergonomic design