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There are essentially three ways to hold scissors: Classic, Eastern and Inverted grip - all of which have unique advantages. 

The inverted ergonomic grip is a tried and tested method, developed and used globally alongside the classic grip. It offers open cutting angles with ease, allowing you to be more creative and invent your own styles.

Featuring a unique stabilising bar, eBlade provide a complete hand-to-scissors integration for the ultimate balance, stability and precision during cutting.

Beautiful design

Certain to stand out in the salon or on stage

Used in the classic, eastern or inverted ergonomic grip, eBlade offers the ultimate creative expression with the stabilising bar also making them an ideal tool for the "scissors over comb" technique.

Another benefit of using eBlade is that when cutting, your body remains straight and relaxed, preventing back, shoulder and wrist pain and minimising RSI.

State of the art ergonomic scissors

Designed to help you unleash your creativity


Handcrafted from VG-10 steel by our master, utilising traditional scissorsmith and Hamaguri sharpening techniques from Japan, eBlade is ergonomically designed to help express yourself. The weight of the handle is calibrated for High leverage providing a powerful cutting action. The eBlade performance will give you a long lasting smooth cutting experience.