eBlade Replacement Blades Service
eBlade Replacement Blades Service
eBlade Replacement Blades Service
eBlade Replacement Blades Service

eBlade Replacement Blades Service

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Replacement Blades for eBlade Finishing trimmers.

Select the Replacement Blades by clicking on the eBlade Finishing trimmers you own.

Packing & sending your trimmer for the blade replacement service

  1. Select & Click on [Add to cart] to purchase your Replacement Blades Service
  2. Pack safely.
  3. Print the email receipt/invoice & place it together with your Trimmer in the package.
  4. Use a ‘Signed For’ postal service to obtain proof of receipt, and to insure your trimmer in transit (check levels of cover with the Post Office).
  5. Send your trimmer to: eBlade scissors, 12 Eden Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1BB.

The correct screw tension is key to smooth cutting

The correct screw tension when switching grips is very important too.
Incorrect screw tension will cause the hair to fold on the blades, especially when switching grips.
If the hair fold on the scissors when switching grip; it is due to incorrect tension (the screw tension is too loose).
use the key provided to tighten the screw and add oil.
(hair folding on the blades is very rarely due to sharpness but always due to loose screw tension). 

eBlade care routine

Your eBlade scissors are a precision tool made by experienced craftsmen using the finest materials to ensure ultimate performance. In order to achieve the best results from your eBlade, we recommend that you use the accessories provided to perform the daily and weekly care routine as outlined below:


  1. Clean using the chamois cloth.

  2. Oil Add the oil daily to both the blades and screw.

  3. Tension Adjust the tension weekly with the key.
    Tension too loose = hair folding.
    Tension too tight = unnecessary hand and muscle fatigue
  4. Storage Use your eBlade box to store your scissors safely.